About me

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Hey, pwnh4 here 👋



🇫🇷 Software Engineer promoting Innovation everywhere. Security and Web3 enthusiast trying to understand how to build unbreakable things.

I currently work as a Software Engineer and Junior PM at SkillZ, a web3 infrastructure provider on Ethereum. I got a bachelor from EPITECH and am the former President and co-founder of PoC Innovation. I work on a lot of web2 and web3 side projects, and love playing CTFs and writing posts on my blog.

Here is a list of some projects I like using and following at the moment. I use them either for side-projects development, security challenges or personal organization:

  • Cutter: a GUI built on Rizin for easy Reverse Engineering

  • Prisma: easy and safe ORM for TypeScript backends

  • Angr: a symbolic analysis framework in Python3 to automate Reverse challenges resolution

  • Obsidian: a cool, self-hostable, note-taking app to connect your thoughts

  • Z3: an SMT solver that I use in Python3 for problems that can be defined with constraints

  • Deno: a safer and cleaner alternative to NodeJs

Some stats on my public work

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Contact me

Either reach me out on Twitter on Telegram @pwnh4 or Discord @pwnh4#0101.